Orthodox Youth Interaction Meeting

On November 2nd, 2008 the clergy of St. Alexander’s hosted the first ‘Orthodox Youth Interaction Meeting’.  During the meeting the youth of our parish were given the opportunity to put forward questions to our clergy and have an open discussion regarding various aspects of the Orthodox faith, its services and our lives in the Orthodox Church.  Fr. Valery, Fr. Seraphim and Fr. Nicholas took part in the discussion with approximately twenty participants.  Many of the participants took particular note of the life of Gianna Jessen an abortion survivor.  During the meeting the participants watched a video of a talk given by Gianna Jessen regarding her life and faith in God.
The video, and subsequent conversation, dealt with key issues on the evils of abortion, the current ‘pro-choice’ views in America and how we as Orthodox Christians and members of the Orthodox Church should view and approach these issues.  Andrei Bondarev, one of the participants, stated he particularly enjoyed the gathering.  “The discussion with the youth was good because it stirred interest in possible get togethers, be it social, community service, or liturgical. This sounds like something that could really bring together a lot of our youth.”  The meeting was concluded with a musical performance by Bondarev.  The parish would like to thank Andrei Bondarev and Ksenia Lukianov for their contributions to this first meeting.  Future meetings will be posted on St. Alexander’s web site.