St. Alexander Foundation is a parish institution operating under the auspices of the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. The foundation was established in 1981 for the purpose of promoting enlightenment and cultural development within the parish. It was felt at the time that programs of this nature would be best administered by an affiliated secular organization, leaving the church to activate functions of a strictly spiritual calling and focus. 

In 1982 plans were initiated for the construction of a new church. The Foundation forthwith supported this project establishing a fund-raising campaign, which turned out to be a success.

By 1997 the cathedral edifice was essentially completed and on September 12th of that year the great consecration of the church took place. 

For years St. Alexander Foundation contributed with a really great benefit to the life of the parish community with numerous enjoyable and memorable as well as profitable events such as lectures, classical and folk concerts, films, shows, festivals, blini, pelmeni, arts and craft fairs, flower and flee markets, auctions and many other enterprises. During that same eight year period the foundation made monetary donations to Orphanages and poor people, the church building fund, church general fund, bell tower fund, parish school, choir fund, missionary fund and the seminary fund.

The St. Alexander Foundation mission is to organize and encourage American citizens of Slavic lineage to dedicate themselves to the service of God and country in an exemplary manner; the perpetuation of Slavic culture; the promotion of good fellowship among members and the community; and the participation, individually and collectively in activities for the betterment of the community. 

In total, the foundation has been working hard in its effort to support the church and the surrounding community, both local and abroad. Over this time period the monetary contributions made by the foundation exceed $100,000 and the foundation plans to continue its efforts with new and exciting ideas, goals and events.

May God bless all the dedicated participants in the foundation’s benefit activities for all the past years. Their efforts and fervor have inspired our young generation to follow in the tradition of their elders. Looking back at the enthusiasm with which the goals of St. Alexander Foundation were achieved, it is hoped that the forthcoming activities of the foundation would be as successful in helping some of the parish’s much needed projects such as the bell tower, the renovation of Our Lady of Tikhvin Church, the renovation of the kitchen at the parish center, facilities for the children, charities and others. 

A Note from the Rector:

The St. Alexander Nevsky parish of Lakewood (Howell), New Jersey, was established in 1936 by pioneers, mostly escapees from the communist persecution in Russia, who came to the United States, a nation of freedom, which opened its doors to millions of those in search of justice and opportunity, freedom and  choice of religious belief. With new generations of immigrants arriving after WWII, the parish grew rapidly, so that today this blessed domain comprises seven buildings on 13 wooded acres on Alexander Avenue, housing our cathedral edifice, the original chapel, the parish school and the parish center and library, as well as residential and office buildings, truly forming “a little Russian village”.

In addition to the fundamental mission of the Church to bring its adherents to Christ and salvation by providing a place for communal worship and education, this Orthodox religious community also seeks to promote enlightenment and cultural growth, not only within its own boundaries, but also to the whole community of residents of our Township and surrounding areas, serviced by this Cathedral parish. This task was assumed in 1981 by the  Saint Alexander Foundation, a parish organization that would seek a larger financial support for the many needs of the parish, for new building projects, and, in its broad scope of fellowship with all the people of this region, for the establishment and promotion of cultural events of Slavic origin, --- lectures, classical and folk concerts, films, shows, festivals, arts and crafts fairs, auctions and many other enriching enterprises.

 One of the main aims of the Foundation is the charitable work, providing help to needy, desperate and sick people, many without medical insurances. In addition to supporting various benevolent and relief funds, orphanages, shelters and monasteries, the Foundation devotedly provides scholarships to students of seminaries and choir directors’ schools.

Just the mere listing of the above truly inspiring  endeavors makes us jubilant in being reassured of the ever charitable and noble spirit of the human heart, under God’s Providence. It instills in us a firm hope that our labors will likewise be met wholeheartedly by the community in which we live, work and aspire for a bright future with God.

May indeed the Lord’s blessings go with you, as we remain graciously thankful for your support.

Protopresbyter Valery Lukianov